A video education from Disney’s: The practical guide to path tracing

In this article, you can be able to understand about the path tracing that is also used in many times and many ways. Those who have already studied it and are practicing it are knowledgeable about this. But if you are beginning then this is the right tutorial for you so that you can learn about the path tracing that you can use if you want a career related to it. This video is provided by the famous studio and that is the Disney animation studios.

Here you can learn by categories as they divided the topic in each category so it can be sorted and organized. If you have more question then you will know what section you will search for. If you will watch from the beginning to end and it is your first time you can be able to be at a loss when the topic is in the middle going into the last part but if you will watch it again you can be able to understand it.

It is normal that if you have no idea about one thing you have to learn it many times before you can finally get it. That is why the video is suitable for learning because you can play it again and again and move to the point that you want to repeat. You can even download it and share with someone who also wants to learn about it. By understanding this topic you ca create beautiful images.

Introducing the top 10 tourist attractions in Florida

This is another article that would let you know about the state of Florida. I have written a previous article where you can see the different attractions that are located in the city of Orlando in Florida. You already know about the parks that are found in the city. If you did not read then you can just browse it here on this website. Today you will be able to know the top ten tourist attractions though not officially declared by anyone so it is not conclusive.

You can see that the two parks you already discovered in the previous article are also here as they are really part of the best travel destinations in the state and so many people who are from here are very proud they have been there many times. That is why it is your chance also to be able to discover them. Many tourists come to Florida each year as the weather is also good. Some say they are bored living here but I say I love it.

It is because you can have time to think for yourself and then you can go and relax in the parks and have fun. It is a good place to live with your family as they can be able to feel content and know what blessings they have when they live in a place like this. That is why many also say they want to move and live here so they also can benefit from what Florida can offer.

The Theme Park Capital of the World: Orlando, Florida

As I am from Florida and I know that many can read the articles written on this website so I will introduce you to one of the cities of the state I am in. The city of Orlando has many beautiful sights to see. there are more cities in the state of Florida but I choose today the city of Orlando because I want to introduce to you if you do not know that this is a city that is called as the theme park capital.

The theme park capital not just in the state and in the whole of America but in the whole world. It beats other places when it comes to its theme park and so many visitors are attracted to this city as you can be able to be relaxed when you will be here. The attractions that are in the video also are Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, Discovery Cove, Gatorland, and Universal Orlando. These are the major places that you should visit while in Orlando.

If you want to save some on your budget you first check the places you will stay in the city to get the low hotel rates. If you found the cheapest one that will satisfy you then that is the time you book so that you can save some money. With that, you can use it for other expenses like transportation and meals while in the city. Surely you want to visit after watching the video above.

The basic introduction to understand about ray tracing

There are topics that are not easy to teach if the students do not know anything about it. If they are the beginner type and they have less knowledge then it may be a hard subject. But the good thing is that we can be able to use ways so that learning would not be stressful. One of them is by using videos and illustrations that could help them understand about the topic. That is why in this article you will learn through a video.

The video is quite long but it is a fair time to spend on something that is new for you to learn. If you are really interested then you will be excited to find the next or continuation of the video as there are five parts of the video that was uploaded to help you understand about the topic of ray tracing. You can just search them and continue to watch every one of them until you will have an understanding of it.

You can learn the different kinds of ray that you could use to understand about the lesson as there are points that are hard to understand without using them. You can also see one illustration in the image above this paragraph. The camera will reflect the light and it goes to the source light. you can know the path of the view ray by tracing it back. It is another way to look at the illustration in the video.

Looking into the wearable technology in terms of health and fitness

As the technology is now advancing and it is including many things and covering every aspect of the human’s life we can be able to say that we can reach a generation whose dependent to technology for everything. Many people would still catch up to adapt to it and to be involved in it but others would think and will make ways to be able to not conform to that pattern of the world as you can know. But for now, let us go with the flow.

As you can see in the infographic it presents something about the use of technology in the tracking of fitness levels or activities. One of the major reasons why the whole world cannot function as an advance world is that not all can afford to be tech savvy and have gadgets that are considered smart devices. There are basic things that people want and that is what we should have so the technology should be put aside. That includes the wearable technology for the fitness.

As many people can live without it and so many do not use it but only they will do if their doctor would require them to. That is why you can sometimes see how powerful are doctors. Many people depend on them and base their decisions on their advice. But you can be able to see also in the infographic that wearable devices for the fitness are not that attractive to all people even the adults.

Looking into the world of MOOCs: The issues, benefits, and factors

Because of the effect of technology that is why we should also arm each of us with what we can have and can do so that we can compete with it. With the rise of technology, there are many concern agencies who also take into consideration people who cannot afford to go to school. Because of technology they can be able to learn and have the education to develop their skill. That is why the use of the massive open online courses is continually rising.

Because of the many benefits that this form of education can bring that is why it is being availed by many people. One of it is that it is free at all or have a low-cost fee. you just need to have a computer and an internet connection so that you can be able to learn. you can also learn at your own pace and so they are very good to avail. The good thing is they are also improving, unlike government schools who are still stuck on the traditional way of teaching and learning.

You can find finally the issues that surround the practice of MOOCs and also the factors that have to be considered and be dealt with. Also, the famous five schools who offer this courses are presented. they have their own school with buildings and teachers and students but they also have these courses that help many students to learn and be ready to have a work in the future.

Guide to the future of medicine in the professional and patient concern

I have written this article as one of my classmates before have been talking about it and mentioned to me that I should also look into it as I am into the technology industry. He said I should be able to at least let it be known and create awareness so that people and professionals could be able to encourage and all will make effort for the faster development of it as many aspects are still in progress. Let us see the infographic of this.

The infographic has four aspect or categories in its classification into the world of medicine and then it was divided again into the part of the professional and then the part of the patient. You can be able to see the guide of understanding what you can read there that is provided in the bottom of the infographic. They are in a code of color so that you can be able to understand them. You can see many color of red that indicates they are still waiting time.

It means there are more to be done and developed but the good thing is there is an activity that is going on. you can also see the orange that means still in progress. Then you can see the green that says it is already available. It is safe then to say that we have what we can use at this time and we will have more in the near future advance and updated that could be in use already.

Samples Made by the Ray-Tracing Software

In actuality, the Ray-tracing software can make a lot of amazing images that can caught anyone’s attention. The following are just a few of the sample images created by this software.

Mirrors. Through this image, it shows the amazing ability of the software to calculate refraction.In Physics, refraction is the light’s phenomenon wherein there is a change in direction of the transmission of light, for example, in a certain direction. This is the result of the wave when it travels at various speed at different points.

Union of 2 Cylinders. How is this created? Just place the camera at the sky direction, at the right location and make sure to look at the right angle which is 40. You can increase the angle if you want to see more of images of cylinder or decrease the angle for less images. If you want to brighten up the dark image, then make use of the ambient light.

Sphere. This is actually a basic image and most likely, it’s easy to create one!

Transparent Spheres. Just like creating the image of mirrors, it shows the ability of the POV-ray in terms of the calculation of refraction.

Twisted Stack. Translations and rotations are used. The angle should be 30 but if you want to see more image of a twisted stack, then increase the angle. On the contrary, decrease the angle to see less image of it.

Snowflake Fractal. To create this kind of image, you are to define the coordinates of the three vertices of a triangle. Then, make use of translation. Just shrink and translate the triangle in six directions.

That’s it! You now have these amazing graphics!

A Simple Introduction about the POV-Ray Tracer

What is the Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer or POV-Ray Trace all about? If you’re aiming to create a graphic wherein a lot of people are to be amazed, then this one will surely help you to achieve what you aim for. It will surely help you to produce or create a high quality graphic! Thanks to those who developed this software. Can you imagine? This tool is totally great and the output is also amazing!

Nowadays, the POV-Ray scenes are touchable unlike before and it’s quite impossible on human viewpoint because this tool actually works only with solids. See? This is all the result of the rapid development of high technology. As time passes, a lot of things can suddenly change into greater and amazing things which is quite impossible to perceive.

So, the POV-Ray is a tracing program that creates outstanding images or graphics from text-based to a much more accurate output. It is very easy to download this software since it is free and also an open-source kind of tool. Did you know that it was first made only for an experiment? But later on, it caught the attention of many people. From only a few number of features, it grew into more additional features.

The Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer was actually named after Dali’s the Persistence of Memory. A lot of versions were made together with a higher feature such as amazing effects like fog or smoke and also known as a library of textures and objects. This software is continually being improved and it never failed the anticipation of those who developed it.

The regular routine you should practice to be a tech savvy teacher

I am a teacher and so when I read the infographic that would be attached to the article I was curious and so I want to take the opportunity to feature it on this website. In this article, you will be able to see what should be the recommended activities that you should do so that you will be the one who is called a savvy in terms of technology. Let us take a look at the nine things and you check if you practice one of them.

Because the world is in the great influence of technology so we should also be a part of this world and so that we can help our students be molded into one that has a knowledge and can be able to put it also into practice. If we will show them how it was done then they can be able to be ahead of others. Also, when students have ad advance technology that we do not know if we can together learn with them.

Being a tech savvy does not mean that you should be always ahead of your student but it also means that you can together work things out and learn things with each other to improve both yourself and grow together. It is a great lesson to be able to teach them while you are learning and learning while you teach them. It is a balance that is very good to be put into practice.